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Crowdfunding has become the ultimate game changer for people across nearly every background. Now it’s your turn. How will you use crowdfunding?

Benefits of the Free Crowdfunding Class

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Crowdfunding campaigns do more than just raise money. They bring people together.

Donors are engaged, rewarded and updated with the progress of the project. When you crowdfund, your followers feel genuinely invested in your ideas and your causes, and are willing to provide support in the future. When your end product is complete, you already have a built-in audience.

Learning How to Use These Tools Effectively

FREE-CROWDFUNDING-click-shutterstock_104983550If you’ve ever visited one of the popular crowdfunding websites, you might be wondering why some campaigns are wildly successful, while others receive little to no attention. Effective crowdfunding campaigns must be planned, executed and promoted carefully.

Digital Fundraising School was created to teach individuals how to optimize crowdfunding opportunities. To give you an idea of how much you can learn using these classes, you can now sign up for a FREE class, led by Lee Schneider.

Introducing Lee Schneider

Lee SchneiderLee Schneider, founder of Digital Fundraising School, has a proven track record in branding, media and fundraising. He has crowdfunded for The Shelter Media Project through IndieGoGo, and has advised on many successful small and large crowdfunding campaigns. Lee frequently leads workshops covering social media communications, crowdfunding and digital storytelling. He is an instructor for USC and for General Assembly in Los Angeles.

What You Can Learn

Whether you have launched crowdfunding campaigns in the past, or if you are completely new to this, Digital Fundraising School has valuable information to share with you.

Learn Crowdfunding Wherever You Are

Using our online classes, you can learn how to:


  • Choose the best platform for your product or idea
  • Set up an engaging and compelling crowdfunding page
  • Create incentives that will encourage people to donate
  • Produce videos that will engage your target audience
  • Effectively promote your campaign online