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What People are Saying

I just wanted to send you a sincere thank you. I am running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at the moment (nearly over eeek!). I have been listening to your YouTube clips and they’ve been so much help. They’re very good and a wonderful resource for me. Very concise and informative (some other videos out there have about 50% “awesome!” content if you know what I mean).
Sonja from Ireland
Thank you, Lee. I have been searching for reliable and proven crowdfunding strategies for a while now. Your work and materials rise ‘above the crowd!’ Your ideas are backed up by great successes. I tell everyone I know in this field to look you up!
Dennis B.
Lee is an outstanding instructor. He is so dedicated to his student’s success and has great confidence in them. He has an incredible way of breaking things down for his students in a way that it easy, manageable and FUN — understanding that each individual has their unique learning curve. Lee is patient, loving and warm. Just the kind of instructor one needs to build the strength, confidence and fortitude to launch themselves into the next phase of their work.
Tabby B.
Crowdfunding Bootcamp was extremely helpful in giving me the knowledge and tools to prepare a campaign of our own at our organization. As a nonprofit, we are fundraising year-round, but crowdfunding brings a fresh air and a new face to the “Why” of what we do here and helps us better tell that story to our supporter so we increase our community.
Brittain A.
Digital Fundraising School is more than learning how to run a crowdfunding campaign. This course really forces you identify what is your brand, why should anyone be interested, and who is the audience. You are also learning some pretty amazing strategies that can be used long after your campaign is finished.
The Crowdfunding Bootcamp was a fantastic class! Lee was able to help me, barely literate in technology, create a strong campaign for my project. He gave current real-life examples as well as lots of gold nuggets from his experience in the field. Lee also was able to give clear, direct, kind feedback all along the way. I highly recommend his classes.
Susan F.
Thank you for all the great advice, we couldn’t have reached our goal without it.
Nathaniel W.J.
Lee’s class for me was about really getting into the nitty gritty of what crowd-funding is as a social phenomena and why it can work and the many ways it won’t, depending on how you manage it. I walked away from the class with a much broader perspective on crowdfunding and the tools necessary to really hit the ground running with my Kickstarter campaign. Lee is a wonderful teacher and a genuine person who brings a pragmatic and realistic perspective to what crowdfunding is all about.
Tim S.